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Fenny Baker by ep1
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Fenny Baker drawn by the talented ep1

Hey, wheres the rest of your work? I checked back on this site for some time and it turns out that some of your art that I saw previously is missing, as well as some of your comic pages(such as Emella's meditation scene) What happened to them? I hope they are not gone.
Hi there. The extra art was stored on Drunk Duck. I have not actually finished reuploading it all on here.

As for the comic pages you're talking about you must have either saw them on my FaceBook page or before I moved my domain to Comic Fury's servers. I rebooted The Devon Legacy recently. The Emella meditation still exists. It's just not up yet. The flashback pages from Emella playing soccer then Rick injuring another kid's legs were removed. That story has been changed.

The 1st page of the new flashback is next but I had a computer issue followed by the birth of my child so I have not been able to finish the new flashback pages.

The old flashback pages will be uploaded in my JNPart comic later after the new flashback is completed so they will not be totally lost.