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DLP cover by Patrick Devine
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This is from a cover contest I held on Drunk Duck after my comic was completed.

It's made by Patrick Devine

I went ahead and colored this page so hopefully this is a pleasant surprise for Patrick as well. Considering I totally forgot and had to last minute color LOL But Patrick is disqualified for showing Super Sally >:-( =p

Actually he had shown me the sketch for his serious cover submission but he kinda sorta lost it so he couldn't ink it.

Hilarity aside in this cover Patrick draws my characters really cool. And it was fun to color them. Thanks Patrick ^_^

Ah, yeah! This brings back memories, don't it?
I might have mentioned that I constantly fight the urge to be obnoxious, this is one occasion where I gave in!
Succumb to your desires Patrick. The obnoxious side calls to you!
Aw, they're both so cute ^^
Yes they are!